Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summertimmeee and the Living's Easy..

Well hopefully not too easy. I would like the summer to be fulfilling with some easy on the side. Hopefully I will get that P.R. internship this summer, and maybe a job as well. But even with those two things I am hoping that this summer will be a lot less stressful and demanding as the school year. And less stress = more blogging hopefully. I hope everyone that was in school did well on their exams. And I hope the hot sand, pina coladas, dainty dresses, big hats, teal rimmed sunglasses, and Mexican BBQs are in your future because they are sure as hell in mine.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Feel Shabby Chic..

Whenever I wear light pinks and peaches I think of English people and they color they call "blush." Before perusing beauty and fashion blogs from all over the world I had never heard that nudish pink color referred to blush. I kinda sorta love it. And I love the blogs of girls who wear this "blush" color on a regular basis because they seem to be charmingly feminine and cute. Many of them put their products on beautiful paper with roses and other equally charming and quaint little things. Whenever I see new posts from them I think of tea parties and fairy rings and The Secret Garden.

Shirt from Marshall's by Tramp (Ew?) $14.99
Shorts from Marshall's by American Eagle 9.99
Sandals H+M 12.99?
Toes Essie Jungle Bungle (This color is so hot it might burn you, for serious.)