Saturday, June 12, 2010


A while back I bought two Rimmel Kiss Off! lip glosses for around $2 each. Flashback has a milky white base with iridescent peachy-golden shimmer. Fever is a peach with a peachy-golden shimmer. Good job Ox. Get the two that look almost identical on since lip glosses are notorious for having little color payoff except when it comes to sparkles. I should have just gotten Fever which has more pigmentation and the same pretty sparkle. I guess the low prices flustered me. They whisper, "Buuyy meee. No! No! No! Don't look. Just purchase." Because you know...they do that...
L to R: Flashback, Fever

Now onto the important stuff. When you swipe this on your lippies the first thing that hits you is the smell. Not going to lie, it smells like Barbie flowers. Plastic + floral = Blegh. The gloss itself isn't very sticky. I'd say it's like a four on a scale of oil to marshmallow fluff. The one thing that really bothers me about this gloss is the grittiness of the sparkle. I hate when you can feel glitter particles on your lips, and you can definitely feel them with these glosses. The staying power is pretty average. I feel like after a while the color of the gloss is gone, but the glitter stays behind Besides the grittiness and the bad smell these aren't too bad. I reach for Fever whenever I want to give my lips a punch of sparkle without too much color.


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