Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FINALLY an Update

I feel like if I were a animal I would definitely be a hybrid hummingbird/sloth. I'm lazy and I like naps which makes me like a sloth. At the same time I have a seriously short attention span and fly from one thing to another. For the past couple of months I have entertained myself with lots of different hobbies. I've almost completely ignored beauty related things, and as a result have ignored the blog because I thought, Eh nobody's reading. What's the point of wasting my time? But apparently people are reading! I logged into my blogspot for the first time in a couple of months to find a few followers and some comments! So now I'll update more often about all of the things that interest me. So now I'll show you some of the things that I HAVE been doing.Making tiny things out of polymer clay is a lot tougher than it seems.
I had a few wooden slabs of wood that I wanted to do something with, but that fell through so I just painted it. It's still a work in progress. EVERTHING I do is a work in progress.I wanted to make a bracelet like the awesome Disney Couture Kidada bracelet without the high price tag, but the suede was not as soft as I would have liked. I'll try again, hopefully with better results.

I have to get in plenty of "fetch time" before it gets too cold!

I've also been playing Super Marion Galaxy on my new Wii! My best friend, and I play this game all of the time. It's so much more fun to play with someone, if you're good at sharing that is. Sims, on the other hand is best when played by yourself.

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