Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Weekend I...

Played with some berry-hued Urban Outfitters nail polish (Review coming up soon!)Made some TERRIBLE origami. That's a butterfly and a cup in case you can't tell. Which I probably wouldn't know if I wasn't the one who made them. One day I'll get good enough to make those kick-ass lotus blossoms. Until then I'll stick with the easy stuff like cootie catchers and airplanes.

I also made some eyeshadow using the mineral eyeshadow kit from TKB Trading. This is a really fun kit to have. It has everything you need to make your own mineral eyeshadow and you get a LOT of pigment to play around with. So if you often have color cravings that you can't satisfy then you might want to pick up the kit. You can also try to make dupes for colors that are out of your price range.

I also studied and did homework. It seems like every single communications class I have has at LEAST a chapter devoted to ethics. I also ate bowls upon bowls of Corn Pops, and caught up on all of the CW shows that I don't watch since I have no cable.

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