Sunday, July 19, 2009

DIY Pore Strips

As a tween my friends and I had sleepovers in which we tried out every beauty treatment we could, one right after another. We did calming cucumber masks followed by re-energizing citrus scrubs. One night in particular we tried a few Biore products: the Biore Self Heating Mask and, the famous, Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. The mask was pretty amazing. I don't know if it actually cleaned out my pores, but it felt SO nice. It was as if my face was being wrapped in a warm blanket of goodness. Maybe if I were more articulate I could describe it better. It felt awesome, for lack of a better word. This post however, is not about the amazing packet of liquid sunshine that was the mask. It is about the Pore Strips. (Who would have thought.) That night with my friends I discovered the magic of pore strips. Alas growing up the price of pore strips was a bit too hefty so I rarely got them. Now that I have some more money in the bank I still don't want to pay eight dollars for a few pieces of nose tape. Soooo I present to you my craft store dupe....

Although it doesn't smell that great it works pretty well. You just have to be careful taking it off because it is a lot more fragile than a pore strip.

DISCLAIMER: This is not my idea. I got this idea from a beauty book. Don't blame me if you got high while doing this. You can blame the author. I'll forward your complaints to her. Do this at your own risk!

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