Friday, July 10, 2009

Lacura Lipsticks

If you've never heard of Aldi it's a supermarket chain from Germany that adopts a no-frills approach to marketing which allows them to offer items at EXTREMELY low prices. Most of what they sell is their own brand, but they do sell some things from major brands as well. Recently I stumbled upon their Lacura Beauty line which features a limited selection of powders, eyeshadows, blushes, nail polish, and lipstick. I picked up two of the lipsticks at around $4 each, one in Cool Sands and the other in Coral.Cools Sands is a golden brown color with gold shimmer. Coral is a rose color with a bit of mauve, and a slight pink shimmer. Both have that unmistakeable lipstick smell which could be a problem for some people, but I don't really mind it. They are a little drying, but that's nothing that some lipgloss can't solve. The color selection isn't extensive, but all of the colors are wearable. Some inexpensive drugstore brands have tons of colors, but many of them are unflattering and hard to pull off. The color doesn't last too long, but at $4 I don't feel guilty reapplying. I reccomend Coral over Cool Sands because it's an almost neutral pink with a bit of sparkle and would look great on everyone.

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