Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have a problem. It's sort of a compulsion really. If there is one chip or smudge in my nail polish I have to do it over. I can't just repaint the single nail, of course not. I have to do another manicure in another color. (I waste so many cotton balls. At least cotton is a sustainable resource.) Anyway I had managed to keep of Sally Hansen's Peachful Breeze of for a few days. I've always hate Sally Hansen nail polish because it seems that no matter how long you patiently sit there WAITING for the polish to dry it never does. Just when you think its safe to click away at your keyboard your polish smudges into that gooey messy way that only dear Aunt Sally's can. That being said I finally got it to dry, and it sat prettily for three or so days. So I tried another Sally Hansen polish that I had at the bottom of my polish basket. And no, I don't display my nail polishes in neat little lines like ready soldiers. The all canoodle together in a basket bonding and sharing stories. I got out a polish from a french manicure set, Natural 2 I believe, and then I got out a glitter polish to make a nice little gradient and this is what I came up with.


funkiimonkee said...

Glittery nails! Love them:) I'm a bit lazy with polish as I always get a chip etc and I'll end up redoing it ten times a day!

superox said...

Same here. I found that using the Seche Clear base coat really helps the nail polish stick. They sometimes have a deal at Sally's where you can get the base coat free when you buy the top coat. That's how I got it!